Star Wars Exodus - Character Biographies

Rel Fexive | Joak Hawkon | Reis Alambane | Erran Sonej

Name Rel Fexive
Species Human
Gender Male
Age Mid thirties
Hair Brown, shaved short back and sides
Eyes Grey
Height 1.80m
Build Athletic
Other Features Eyes in habitual squint; old blaster burn in small of back
Expertise Zero-G Operations; Ship Salvage; Ship Sensors; Planetary Survival; Long-Range Shooting
History One-time corporate scout turned freelance guide, explorer and salvage operative with connections to the Artemis Institute and the Vos family


Name Joak Hawkon

Species Human
Gender Male
Age Early forties
Hair Bald
Eyes Blue
Height 1.86m
Build Average
Other Features Goatee beard
Expertise Acting; Make-up
History Once an actor on stage and screen, roles in plays considered Anti-Imperial left the actor with a black mark against his name and a warrant out for his arrest; it was either prison or the Rebellion


Name Reis Alambane

Species Human
Gender Male
Age Late twenties
Hair Brown, and lots of it
Eyes Grey
Height 2.05m
Build Broad
Other Features Huge beard; big hands; no manners to speak of
Expertise Violence
History A no-holds-barred ring fighter of many years, gone to ground after he refused to take a fall and lost an Imperial officer his money


Name Erran Sonej

Species Elensch (Near-Human)
Gender Male
Age Early fifties (actually twice that)
Hair Short, greying
Eyes Green
Height 1.76m
Build Average
Other Features Lined, weathered features
Expertise Archaeology; some knowledge of Jedi history
History With his long life he has done many things, from resistance fighter to shuttle pilot; now he is an archaeologist and student of Jedi history