Ebon SLA Operative and Trump Master

Story : Prior to the Asylum

Description: Maybe six feet tall, slim build. Eyes are all red, without pupils or irises. Black hair worn long and tied back.
Mode of Dress: Always wears his Deathsuit; a "living" suit of armour that looks something like skinned flesh dyed black. It is used to focus his powers in his home Shadow.  Serves as potent armour [4].  Will wear other clothing if the situation definitely demands it.


Tends to be a loner but frequently works with his closest friend, Andreas; their abilities complement each other. Can be lethally direct at times; prone to violence when frustrated.
Personal Items: Deathsuit.



Intruder is well known as the greatest exponent of Trump in Amber, possibly rivaling Fiona. He does not require physical cards at all, but always carries a few just in case. Not only does he make contacts faster than anyone else he can make them faster too. He is even be able to create a kind of "conference call" contact and act as a sort of Trump operator for specific individuals.

He is also known to incorporate Trump energies into his Sorcery, and relies on the power of Broken Pattern to take him where Trump or friends can not.

What he would really like, however, is the opportunity to walk the real Pattern, to enhance his abilities further still.



Usually a loner, he prefers to study and explore the limits of his powers when not called on by a friend or Random to perform some task. You could call him a loyal comrade, except that he is not that demonstrative. Some might call him passionless, but anyone who gets him riled soon sees how wrong they are. Whether he strikes like a cold, relentless shark or like a raging bull tends to depend on how he feels at the time. You could call him sociopathic, but that is too simple a label to give any Amberite.



After almost a century of work as an operative for SLA Industries, a monolithic corporation that owns the known universe in his home Shadow (or at least those parts worth owning), a chance encounter with Bleys and Fiona changed everything. His experiments in trying to reproduce a Trump effect he had observed had caught their interest, so once he helped them capture their quarry and it became clear he was "one of the family" they offered to take him to Amber.

Soon after his introduction to the court of Amber, his studies into Trump led him to create a Trump construct, built around a neural net based on his own mental template. It proved to be quite powerful and very useful during the various conflicts that beset Amber, but was eventually destroyed, leaving it's intellect (and some of it's powers) to live on in Guinevere, the manifestation that finally got a life of it's own.