Ulrich von Bek
Journals 1 to 10


Journal 1

   In which von Bek meets some relatives, learns a little about Amber, journeys through Shadow and encounters a few obstacles.

Journal 2

   The refugees travel from Shadow down to Rebma.

Journal 3

   Where Rebma is attacked, von Bek walks the Pattern and a meeting in Shadow reveals the face of the enemy.

Journal 4

   A discussion exposes some of Amber's history and the family's peculiar heritage.

Journal 5

   More debating is overshadowed by a more profound revelation.

Journal 6

   In which final deliberations lead to a plan.

Journal 7

   A visit to the world of Corwin's Pattern leads to a finalising of plans and some training.

Journal 8

   The final preparations begin.

Journal 9

   A reconnaissance of Amber reveals the horror of the occupation and some small comforts.

Journal 10

   The intelligence gathered in Amber is reflected on.