Ulrich von Bek
Journals 11 to 20


Journal 11

   In which friends part company and an assignment is proposed.

Journal 12

   The contingent travels to Tristram, encounters an ally and embarks upon a journey.

Journal 13

   A tough journey reveals the extent of the invasion.

Journal 14

   The centre of the incursion is located and entry is achieved.

Journal 15

   Where the source of the demons is discovered and steps are taken.

Journal 16

   A welcome rest allows for some reflection and training; another new relative is met.

Journal 17

   More relaxation produces some idle speculation.

Journal 18

   A companion goes on a trip while others receive some instruction.

Journal 19

   Where visitations are followed by another assignment and more preparation.

Journal 20

   The completion of some education in technology heralds the start of another mission in Shadow.