Ulrich von Bek
Journals 21 to 30


Journal 21

   In which some investigation and ingenious shapeshifting creates a lot of options.

Journal 22

   Where some more shapeshifting has concrete results and another holiday is taken to celebrate; some people are lost and an attack causes disruption.

Journal 23

   Time is spent on resting and training.

Journal 24

   Another bout of training brings up the chance to take another assignment.

Journal 25

   A trip through a tundra precedes a strange round of mystical barriers.

Journal 26

   In which a hidden valley conceals an ancient people and a secret deal.

Journal 27

   A new deal is struck and vital information is obtained before a family gathering is held.

Journal 28

   In the aftermath of the gathering an attack scatters the family through Shadow.

Journal 29

   With some help, the family assembles it's forces on the outskirts of Amber.

Journal 30

   A brief period of acclimatisation is curtailed by another sortie.