Ulrich von Bek
Journals 31 to 40


Journal 31

   The War of Usurpation comes to a suitable conclusion; almost all is restored to normal.

Journal 32

   A theory is put forth regarding a gunman; some time is spent quietly in Shadow.

Journal 33

   Evidence of a confusing nature is discovered; some odd encounters; a vital assignment is outlined. A team is assembled.

Journal 34

   The long journey into Shadow halts briefly for a time of rest and planning, and a little fun.

Journal 35

   A strange assistant provides a lead that proves to be very helpful; the kind of persons that are required are located. A deal is struck.

Journal 36

   A round of interviews precedes the conclusion of the deal.

Journal 37

   The engineers gather; another strange encounter causes some bother.

Journal 38

   Some locals get intrigued; final travel arrangements are made.

Journal 39

   A flight over the sea is followed by a few trips through Shadow; the engineers are understandably confused.

Journal 40

   The arrival of the engineers prompts a semi-formal ball to celebrate the end of the War. Many strange things occur.