Ulrich von Bek
Journals 41 to 50


Journal 41

   In which Trumps and a hall of mirrors prompts some questions; a holiday begins with a search.

Journal 42

   Where a self-exiled relative refuses assistance.

Journal 43

   A return to old haunts leads to the discovery of unusual external activity.

Journal 44

   A meeting with a possibly hostile individual leads to arrangements being made and money changing hands. Further evidence of external forces at work is uncovered.

Journal 45

   Final arrangements are made before the journey home; a home truth is exposed.

Journal 46

   Family history is discussed; a short and pleasant stay ends too soon.

Journal 47

   Some evidence provides a lead in a Shadow related to the strange activities in Shadow.

Journal 48

   An investigation produces results and problems; an unknown saviour makes a timely appearance.

Journal 49

   A short rests precedes a different search for clues.

Journal 50

   The search ends in success.