Ulrich von Bek
Journals 51 to 60


Journal 51

   In which there are many more questions than answers, and a return to Amber means playing catch-up with old friends.

Journal 52

   A family get-together means only one thing: gossip and people with a flair for the overly dramatic.

Journal 53

   An interview with the king, notes are exchanged, and an important family matter is discussed.

Journal 54

   Where Corwin gives out an assignment in a distant Shadow.

Journal 55

   The situation is found to be complicated by old foes.

Journal 56

   The investigation gets surprising assistance and an attack is repelled with overwhelming force.

Journal 57

   Where family matters are discussed further.

Journal 58

   Arrangements are made and a journey home is begun.

Journal 59

   An offer is made and possible custodians proposed.

Journal 60

   Pages torn out...