Angel RPG - Archetypes

| Tamazoin Tattooed Demon Fighter |

Tamazoin Tattooed Demon Fighter (Champion)


Strength 6 (2 levels from Tarazoin Tattoo Quality)
Dexterity 4
Constitution 6 (2 levels from Tarazoin Tattoo Quality)
Intelligence 2
Perception 3
Willpower 3


Tarazoin Tattoo (11)
Natural Armour 4 (from Tarazoin Tattoo Quality)
Regeneration (per hour) (from Tarazoin Tattoo Quality)
Hard To Kill 4 (2 from Tarazoin Tattoo Quality)
Resistance To Pain 2 (from Tarazoin Tattoo Quality)
Contact (Supernatural, fights 'The War')  
Occult Library (a stolen book)  
Fast Reaction Time  


Mental Problems 1 Cruelty
Mental Problems 2 Fight Demons, Obsession) (-2)
Recurring Nightmares The influence of the imprisoned demon
Resources (Hurting) (-2) Everything he has is in two bags

SKILLS (30 + 6 from Drawbacks)

Acrobatics 4
Computers 2
Crime 3
Driving 3
Getting Medieval 4
Gun Fu 2
Influence 2
Knowledge 2
Kung Fu 5
Mr Fix-It 3
Notice 3
Occultism 3
MANEUVERS Bonus Damage Notes
Dodge 9 -- Defence
Kick 8 14 Bash
Parry (Armed) 9 -- Defence
Parry (Unarmed) 9 -- Defence
Punch 9 12 Bash
Spin Kick 7 16 Bash
Sword 8 24 Slash/stab


I had a normal life till my fourteenth birthday. Then I got home and found my "surprise" party had been surprised by this big... creature. It had killed them all, my whole family. 'Cept it told me they weren't my family; my dad was some big shot sorcerer or something, and I'd been offered up as payment for dark powers. I didn't stick around; I just made it out the door as the cops went in, they didn't stand a chance against that thing. Next day the news said they were killed by a bunch of knife-wielding crazies. I knew different.

I got bounced around foster homes, never staying too long. I haven't been quite the same since that day, and I think the creature was out there too, causing trouble. It was a demon. You talk to the right people in this town and they'll tell you all about it. I saw these things were causing trouble everywhere, and I didn't like it. I didn't like the thought of other families being butchered.

I ran away and signed up to fight, but it wasn't like I was a jock or anything. They just kept wiping the floor with me. I tried to find a way to even things up; weapons, training, even magic. None of it was any good, it all took too damn long. That was before I found the scroll and Tarazoin's Imprint Of Binding.

Nice ritual that one. You get yourself tattooed and make sure to mix the right ingredients into the ink, use the right mystic symbols. Then you summon a demon... Yeah, sounds crazy. It is. But what's really crazy is when you complete the ritual and the thing gets sucked into the tattoo, trapped in it... and you feel yourself getting stronger as it is forced to share it's strength with you. I got my edge and now I break heads with the best of them.

Sure, my sleep isn't always as peaceful as it could be, and sometimes the whispering can get really loud, but hey, cracking demon heads really drowns it out.


*cracks knuckles* "Wanna meet my demon friend?" *smack* "Oh, he ~likes~ you..." *smack*


You took the quick and easy route to lay a little smackdown on demons, driven by the need to revenge the death of your adopted family. You're not big on helping the helpless, really... it's fighting The Demon Threat that you care about. Anyone who will help you towards that goal is fine by you, as long as they don't complain too much about your less than subtle methods. Well, they're just *demons*, right?



  • The imprisoned demon could be the one after the character - it will have even more of a reason to get free than most...

  • Demons similar to the one imprisoned are causing trouble in the city - draws suspicion to the character.  Could it be making him do... things in his sleep?

  • The imprisoned demon could be a servant of the Big Bad of the series - it's boss might be able to control the character through the demon.