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The Library Of Thoth

This almost legendary library has existed since the glory days of the Pharaohs. It is a magical library, in that it is both a repository of occult lore and is itself hidden by powerful sorcery, a step deemed necessary by the Keeper of the Library, a strange and ancient being. To protect it from those who would destroy it, the Library was moved into a sort of pocket dimension, only reachable by those who possess a key, a large, ornate thing of solid metal, marked with many mystical symbols.

Someone with a key can "find" a door to the Library in any library of sufficient size. Very few school libraries are big enough, but most university, town or city libraries will do the trick. Simply take the key to a dark, quiet corner and a door will be found, a door that was not there before and that will vanish soon after. Open it with the key, and the Library of Thoth awaits. However, once opened, any may enter the door until it disappears; this is how most first find the Library.

It contains a great many books, including copies and even originals of the rarest and most ancient of tomes, some that were thought lost forever. There are also a great number of the more common references on the shelves. The Library itself is a massive circular room ten stories high, with the shelves standing ten deep away from the central core, which is crossed by many walkways. The shelves are illuminated by the light from many windows, each looking out onto some otherworldly view.

Flitting amongst the shelves and levels are the spectral forms of the librarians, said to be the spirits of those dedicated to the seeking of knowledge. They know where to find almost any book by name, and can lead seekers to them with unerring accuracy, providing that no one has taken the book away to one of the many reading areas to study it. They can also direct people to the section containing the sort of books they are after; however, the more vague the request, the more general a category they will be directed to.

The Keeper is the custodian of the Library. It appears as a tall, spindly figure, at least seven feet in height, wrapped in a volumous hooded robe. It’s hands are black and shiny, like obsidian, with delicate, elongated fingers. Within it’s hood one can only ever see darkness, broken by occasional sparkles of light that may or may not be eyes. It speaks quietly but with authority, an authority that enables it to impose two rules upon those who enter the Library:

  • No violence to others in the Library. Offenders are ejected, without their key, back into the world, though not always back to where they came from...

  • No book shall be defaced, damaged or removed from the Library. However, copies may be taken, either using magic or the newest edition to the Library: photocopiers.

The Keeper has been in the Library since the day the first two scrolls were placed side by side. It knows every book and tome and where they can be found, even if someone has taken it from the shelf. However, it is rarely so helpful as to assist anyone, leaving that task to the librarians.

There is one more thing about the Library to discuss, one of the few secrets not to be found within it’s confines. There is a magical ritual to bind the mind of a key bearer to his key. While the details of the ritual itself can not be found in the Library, there are many clues that can be followed in order to locate it elsewhere.

Once the simple ritual is complete, the one bound to the key can access the knowledge of the Library of Thoth without having to be in the Library itself, and indeed only rarely needs to use actual books, except when researching the most obscure subjects. They can pull information out of thin air with an apparent ease that would make a Watcher jealous. The closer they are to the key, the quicker the knowledge comes and the better the quality of the information, but it must always be kept close by, within the same town or city. However, if another takes their key from them and performs the ritual themselves, the original owner of the key loses their link with the Library, which can be a shocking and embarrassing occurrence… and quite possibly a dangerous one.


Library Of Thoth Key Bearer Quality

The character possess a key for the Library of Thoth, which puts Amazing Occult Libraries to shame. While it gives a +4 to research rolls and provides an almost limitless source of spells and rituals, the sheer size of the Library means it can take as much as four times as long to find even the most simplest piece of information, unless you know the exact book you are looking for.

COST: 5 (larger bonus, but takes extra time, does not belong to character and must obey rules)

Bound To Key Of Library Of Thoth Quality

The exact effect depends on proximity:

  • Same room – as for an Amazing Occult Library.
  • Same city block – as for an Impressive Occult Library.
  • Within ten city blocks – as for an Good Occult Library.
  • Further than ten city blocks away – as for a Minimal Occult Library.

Of course, the primary advantage of this Quality is that the character does not actually need physical books with them to do research, and it takes a tenth of the time to ‘find’ the desired information, a time spent in a sort of trance. Using books as well as this Quality adds the bonuses together.

COST: 5 (city-wide ‘range’, effect varies by proximity, does not require books, can be stolen , must have Library Of Thoth Key Bearer Quality)