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Measurements | Slang, Insults and Other Words


Arn: Unit of time approximately equal to an hour.

Cycle: Unit of time roughly equivalent to a year.

Dench: Unit of length possibly equal to about an inch. Bone to Be Wild.

Henta: A unit of length or distance, possibly of Hynerian origin and thus likely to be smaller than a motra.  Thank God It’s Friday, Again.

Hetch: Measurement of speed.  For example, a Leviathan can outrun a Peacekeeper Marauder, which travels at Hetch Seven, but is slowed to Hetch Two when it has lost a significant portion of iriscentent fluid.  Their normal speed is not enough to outrun a Command Carrier.

Kalvo: Scarran measurement unit for the level of stimulus used in the mental torture of prisoners.  Won’t Get Fooled Again.

Kelvoy levels: Possibly a measurement of energy that may relate only to Leviathans.  Thanks for Sharing.

Klances: A measurement of heat. A budong’s stomach is an inferno which burns at five thousand klances. Green Eyed Monster.

Lenarts: Units of weight or volume used to measure quantities of compounds such as chromextin.  Thanks for Sharing.

Lerg: A unit used to plot coordinates on a grid.  Throne for a Loss.

Mallot: Possibly a unit of weight, maybe equivalent to a kilogram.  Infinite Possibilities, Parts One andTwo.

Metra: Unit of distance approximately equal to a kilometre.

Micron: Unit of time roughly the same as a minute.  This unit does not appear in the series; it had been added simply to provide a more complete range of time units.

Microt: Unit of time roughly the same as a second.

Monen: Unit of time about the same as four weekens, and thus much the same as a month.  This unit does not appear in the series; it had been added simply to provide a more complete range of time units.

Motra: A unit of distance approximately equal to a metre.  What Was Lost, Part 2: Redemption.

Pemno: A unit used to plot coordinates on a grid.

Sakmar: A weight measurement, possibly equal to a metric ton.  Nerve.

Solar Day: Measure of time.  It appears to be a standard rather than localised term, and is generally taken to mean 24 arns.

Trad: A unit of power used for Leviathan transport pods, and possibly for other ship drive systems.  The Flax.

Weeken: Approximately a week.



Amet: Amen, or so be it.  A general purpose sort of word. Dream a Little Dream; Die Me Dichotomy.

Bull Frell:  A none-too clever retort used in arguments.  ..Different Destinations.

Cack: Means "to die".

Drad: Cool, great, the bees knees, the best.

Drannit: Whatever a drannit actually is, one can act like one by being immature and not making a lot of sense.

Dren: An expletive relating to excrement.

Dumb Tresnak: A tresnak is a creature from the Luxan homeworld well known for it's stupidity.  Thus if someone was described as a dumb tresnak, they would be a very stupid person.  Suns and Lovers.

Eema: Backside, as in "a pain in the eema".

Fahrbot: Hynerian term for crazy.

Fa-pu-ta: A Hynerian exclamation used to express exasperation at the universe at large.

Fekkik: A derogatory term that basically translates to "not a nice person".  Scratch ‘n’ Sniff.

Frax: A Sheyang word not unlike frell.  PK Tech Girl.

Frell: Strong, all-purpose expletive that is used not unlike another F-word.

Frelnik: Something that smells terrible, as in "it smells like frelnik down here".

Gleebo: A term usually taken to be synonymous with "idiot".  Durka Returns.

Hammond Side: Refers to the left side of a ship, the opposite of Treblin side.

Hezmana: Hell.

Loomas: Slang for breasts.

Magra-Fahrbot: Another Hynerian word, meaning extremely crazy.

Manin: Means girlfriend or fiancée.

Probakto: A small creature from Hyneria kept by many as a good luck charm.  Thus a "lucky probakto" is a very lucky individual.  A Human Reaction

Snurch: Steal, borrow without permission, procure.

Tinked: Another word meaning crazy.  A Bug’s Life

Tralk: An uncomplimentary name for someone, usually, but not always, referring to a woman.

Treblin Side: Refers to one side of a ship, the opposite of Hammond side.

Yotz: Expletive, as in “What the yotz is that?”  Exodus from Genesis

Zy-limbron: A term used by Banik Stakira to indicate a spirit between realms.  Meltdown