FUDGE Farscape
by Rel Fexive
with inspiration from Curufea (Curufea.com)

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FUDGE Farscape is an attempt to define the incredible universe of Farscape in RPG terms.  I picked FUDGE because of it's inherently flexible nature.  It has, in my opinion, just enough system to perform; enough to allow characters to be adequately described and their escapades to be bound by rules, but not so much that trying to simulate the fun and entertainment of the series gets bogged down or cluttered by a restrictive game system.

Current Status (Last Update 05-09-03; Abilities)

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Farscape Copyright

Farscape is owned by The Jim Henson Company, Hallmark Entertainment, Nine Network (Australia) and the Sci-Fi Channel. No copyright infringement is intended and no financial gain has been made from distributing FUDGE Farscape.  So it's not mine.  It's theirs.  This is just my attempt to save at least a minor aspect of Farscape in my own limited way, but it's their property, not mine.

The Enscapelopedia

Many thank to PK Barb over at Karlsweb for allowing me to draw on her Enscapelopedia.  It is an invaluable source of anything and everything that has ever appeared in Farscape, and I'd be lost without it.

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FUDGE in Brief (paraphrased from the FUDGE rules)

FUDGE (the Freeform Universal Do-it-yourself Gaming Engine) is a unique role-playing game.  It has some interesting aspects, including many new concepts in role-playing gaming:

FUDGE is specifically for people who want a good bedrock to build their own system on. It provides the building blocks you need to customize your own rules. If you haven't found a commercial role- playing game that suits your needs exactly, then FUDGE may be what you're looking for. If you have created a great game setting (or translated one from fiction), but no other game system's rules seem to do it justice, perhaps FUDGE can help you.


FUDGE is a role-playing game written by Steffan O'Sullivan, with extensive input from the Usenet community of rec.games.design. The basic rules of FUDGE are available on the internet via anonymous ftp at ftp.csua.berkeley.edu, and in book form or on disk from Grey Ghost Games, P.O. Box 838, Randolph, MA 02368. They may be used with any gaming genre. While an individual work derived from FUDGE may specify certain attributes and skills, many more are possible with FUDGE. Every Game Master using FUDGE is encouraged to add or ignore any character traits. Anyone who wishes to distribute such material for free may do so - merely include this ABOUT FUDGE notice and disclaimer (complete with FUDGE copyright notice). If you wish to charge a fee for such material, other than as an article in a magazine or other periodical, you must first obtain a royalty-free license from the author of FUDGE, Steffan O'Sullivan, P.O. Box 465, Plymouth, NH 03264.


The following materials based on FUDGE, entitled FUDGE Farscape, are created by Rel Fexive, and are not authorized or endorsed in any way by Steffan O'Sullivan or any publisher of other FUDGE materials. Neither Steffan O'Sullivan or any publisher of other FUDGE material is in any way responsible for the content of these materials. Original FUDGE materials (c) Copyright 1992-1995 Steffan O'Sullivan, All Rights Reserved.

FUDGE Website: http://www.fudgerpg.com/fudge.html

Steffan O'Sullivan FUDGE Website: http://www.panix.com/~sos/fudge.html

Sources and Inspirations

Many of the basic principles and precepts used to mould FUDGE into the form I desired come from a number of sources and some other RPGs.  I'll do my best to list here the ones I remember most clearly.

The Official Farscape Role-Playing Game from AEG.  Unfortunately, the D20 System is my own personal Scarren Empire; I loathe it with a passion and would rather it were totally destroyed.  However, a lot of the actual game is quite good, really, so maybe the Farscape version of it isn't that bad after all.  You can read my rather lengthy review of it here.

GURPS, for it's massive lists of advantages and disadvantages, as well as a number of things from it's combat system.

West End Games' Star Wars Role-Playing Game, for it's inspiration in the areas of skills and cinematic combat.

The Dream Pod 9 games Heavy Gear and Jovian Chronicles for more skill and talent/defect inspiration.

The SLA Industries role-playing game, for yet more ideas for talents and defects.

FUDGE Wars, a conversion of West End Games' Star Wars Role-Playing Game to FUDGE by Rob Balshaw.

Another conversion of West End Games' Star Wars Role-Playing Game, by Jorge Arredondo.

Action FUDGE.