Serenity RPG - Gear


Weapons - House-Rules and New

The house-ruled versions of these weapons, and the stats of the new ones, were thrashed out on a thread on a fan RPG forum, Waves In The Black.  Big thanks to everyone there who helped!

WeaponDamageRangeMax ROF (Mag)CostWeightAvailability
Bowd6 W701 (-)6 / 15p6E
Crossbowd6 W1501 per 2 turns8 / 20p13E
Crossbow, Poweredd6 W1752 (6)24 / 60p15C
Derringerd4 W301 (2)14 / 35p1E
Pistold6 W1003 (12)18 / 45p2E
Pistol, Heavyd8 W1202 (8) 20 / 50p2E
Pistol, Serviced6 W1003 (8)20 / 50p2BC
Pistol, Service + Stock @d6 W1003 (8)30 / 75p4BC
Pistol, Rifle-isedd8 W2003 (8)40 / 100p8BC
Revolverd8 W752 (6)16 / 40p2E
SMGd6 W603+BA (35)36 / 90p4I
SMG, Heavyd8 W903+BA (50)60 / 150p8I
Shotgun, Normald10 W ^40 $2 (10)50 / 125p10E
Shotgun, Sawn-Offd10 W ^20 $2 (5)50 / 125p5E
Shotgun, Doubled10 W ^40 $1# (2)40 / 100p10E
Shotgun, Double Sawn-Off ~d10 W ^20 $1# (2)40 / 100p4E
Rifled8 W3003 (30)30 / 75p9E
Rifle, Scopedd8 W600*3 (30)40 / 100p10E
Rifle, Assaultd8 W2003+BA (40)40 / 100p11I
Rifle, Sniperd10 W1000*2 (10)160 / 400p15C

@ When braced with the stock, the shooter gets a +1 skill step bonus.

^ Reduce damage when using shot to d6 W at medium range and d4 W at long range.

$ Using shot gives a -1 skill step penalty at medium range and a -2 skill step penalty at long range, replacing the usual -2 and -4 penalties.

# Both barrels can be fired simultaneously. Counts as burst fire, only with two shots; the recoil from two barrels fired at once counteracts the fact that only two shots are fired, otherwise the rules are the same.

~ When using shot at a range of five feet or less, the double sawn-off gains a further +1 skill step bonus to hit for a total of +2.

* Range is when used braced with the scope. Otherwise use the standard rifle range (300 feet).

The following weapons need expanding upon.

Pistol: This is the same as the pistol in the book, but it has more rounds.

Pistol: Heavy: A pistol that fires a heavier calibre round.

Pistol, Service: This is the pistol carried by many a Browncoat officer and non-com during the war, and by more than a few veterans since.

Pistol, Service + Stock: Grooves and studs on the frame of the Browncoat service pistol allow the attachment of a shoulder stock, which takes but a few turns.  This makes the gun more a mite more accurate when braced.

picture by GypsySong

Pistol, Rifle-ised: A more permanent modification, this increases the length of the barrel and forearm and adds a fixed shoulder stock.  It takes tools, a workshop and a good hour to swap barrels and such.  The modification affects the range and power of the "pistol".

picture by GypsySong

Shotgun, Normal: This is a common pump-action or semi-automatic shotgun.

Shotgun, Sawn-Off: Take a pump-action shotgun, cut down the stock and barrel some, and this is what you get.

Shotgun, Double: Your plain, old-fashioned, two barreled shotgun.  A favourite with farm and rancher types.

Shotgun, Double Sawn-Off: Compact and lethal at close range, a criminal's dream weapon.

Rifle: Just your average, run-of-the-mill rifle, whether it be used by hunters or soldiers.

Rifle, Scoped: An average rifle with a scope bolted on top.  Makes it more accurate for long range shooting.

Rifle, Sniper: With a scope and more powerful rounds, this is the perfect weapon for delivering distant death.