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Empress-class Transport (adapted from the Traveller RPG)

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The Empress-class transport ship is nothing to write home about.  It's been around for a few years, and looks a mite flashier than most, but there really ain't much more that distinguishes it from the dozens of other types of ship flying through the Black.  It has strengths and weaknesses, like everything else.

Cargo can be loaded into the cavernous cargo bay four ways: the port and starboard cargo airlocks; the forward cargo ramp; via a winch through the bomb bay doors; or on the aft cargo elevator.  The bay itself is wider than on, say, a Firefly, but it not as tall.

Accommodations are simple, though generally better for the passengers than for the crew, excepting the fact that you be the captain, of course.  A common area behind the bridge has facilities enough to divert the rest of the crew for a spell, and to allow for someone to whip up a quick and nutritious, if tasteless, meal.  More complete facilities can be found on the upper deck in the passenger lounge, which has a tendency to be used by the crew also.  The bridge itself seats three, though generally only the pilot seat need be occupied most of the time.  A co-pilot and sensor operator/navigator are only really needed when things get dicey.

Ship systems are a tad more complex than the average cheap-and-cheerful Firefly boasts, but only because they are more spread out on an Empress.  One system failure or accident is less likely to take out everything from propulsion to the internal atmo feed in one fell swoop, but a mechanic had best be quick on his feet in an emergency or have knowledgeable friends ready to lend a hand.

An Empress ain't as adept at manoeuvring as some, lacking external engine pods that rotate, but instead diverts thrust through slats in the top, bottom and side of each engine housing.  This brick'll never pull an Ivan, but it can slide slowly to port or starboard, a trick pilots can exploit to catch confident pursuers unawares.

Dimensions: (LxBxH) 115 x 75 x 40 feet.

Tonnage: 2,700 tons.

Speed Class: 4 cruise; 6 hard-burn.

Crew: Pilot. Also co-pilot and sensor operator/navigator, if situation demands it.

Crew Quarters: One double cabin (captain), three single or bunk cabins.

Fuel Capacity: 100 tons (600 hours).

Cargo Capacity/Maximum Deck Load: 500/575 in main cargo bay.

Passenger Quarters: Six double cabins on upper deck.

Gear: Cargo winch.

Price: 27,000 credits (but more than 20 years out of date).

Attributes: Agility d6, Strength d6, Vitality d6, Alertness d4, Intelligence d2, Willpower d4. Initiative d6 + d4. Life Points 10.

Assets/Complications: Seen Better Days (minor).

Skills: Aerial Transport Operations/Empress d2, Space Transport Operations/Empress d2.

Complexity: Average.

Maintenance Costs: 8100 credits per year.


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Mustang-class Mid-Bulk Transport (adapted from the Traveller RPG)

Download Mustang-class Transport PDF

IMAGE COPYRIGHT Jesse DeGraff @ Vision Forge Graphics

Mustang-class transport boats can be seen making their way through the Black almost everywhere.  They are tidy, dependable and rugged vessels that suit the needs of many owners, leastways those that can afford one. The crew accommodations are, as is to be expected, simpler than the passenger staterooms, but it is common practice on less strict boats to share the galley with the paying passengers, if any.  The shuttle is not best placed for quick and easy access, but the shuttle itself serves both as a small transport vessel and a means of escape well enough.

The special cargo sections deserve special mention.  The environmentals can be altered so each room can serve as a fridge, a freezer or even a greenhouse.  They can also be completely sealed and locked from the outside, making them good for containing both expensive cargo and troublesome crew or passengers, if need be.

Dimensions: (LxBxH) 160 x 100 x 50 feet.

Tonnage: 3600 tons.

Speed Class: 4 cruise; 6 hard-burn.

Crew: Pilot, Co-pilot/Sensors, Engineer, Cargo Master

Crew Quarters: Four single/double cabins standard.

Fuel Capacity: 100 tons (800 hours).

Cargo Capacity/Maximum Deck Load: 300/350 tons in upper bay; 300/450 tons in lower bay.

Passenger Quarters: Six double staterooms.

Gear: One small, short-range shuttle.

Price: 22,100 credits, with shuttle (86,900 credits new, with shuttle).

Attributes: Agility d6, Strength d6, Vitality d6, Alertness d6, Intelligence d4, Willpower d6. Initiative d6 + d6. Life Points 12.

Assets/Complications: Everybody Has One (Major), Seen Better Days (Minor).

Skills: Aerial Transport Operations/Mustang d2, Space Transport Operations/Mustang d4, Space Navigation d2.

Complexity: Low.

Maintenance Costs: 6496 credits per year including shuttle.

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